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mission: to rest in and to live out His truth in every aspect of life, until His love reaches every corner of our community.



My heart

What if the music you hear is only one part of a greater symphony?  What if adding other instruments and voices changed the song altogether?  What if the fullness of that song moved you further into a holy separation from the Old Self tendency to work for your value instead of resting with God.  

“God’s first act of benevolence completely defines his heart for us.”

– Tyler griffin


Recent Work

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Discover how to rest in the truth.

We all have something to learn about the Eastern “Art of Discovery”, which encourages us to fall in love with the journey into God’s truth.  The Old Testament contains the first fruits of God’s revelation about who He is and who we are within the context of who He is.  The tendency to exclude the Old Testament, in the church today, comes from a lack of understanding how critical the context of the Old Testament is to our life in Christ.  I love to teach and share the beauty of the text and how it influences a higher view of God and His love for us.   

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